The changing face of telecommunications

The telecoms industry is changing and the speed of that change is increasing. It seems that not a week goes by without a new piece of technology or service offering being announced somewhere in the world. How best to keep up with the constantly evolving market has long been a topic of great debate amongst those operating within the telecoms industry.


The future of ‘quintuple-play’ and bundled services in telecoms

There has been a huge number of mergers and acquisitions in the European telecoms market recently. It seems that all the major players in the market are striving to offer ‘quad-play’ services in a bid to attract and retain customers by offering cheap deals for service ‘bundles’. With the telecoms market expanding into new and exciting areas, how far can bundling go in the future and what will it mean for the telecoms industry?

Top telecoms news – Vodafone confirm Liberty Global talks, Microsoft leak WiFi plans and Italian telecoms collaborate

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 5th June 2015. This week sees continued speculation about a Vodafone and Liberty Global merger, Microsoft’s plans for a worldwide Wi-Fi network leak and a group of Italian telecommunications companies collaborate on a national ultrafast fibre network as well as a number of new product announcements across the sector.


7 ways a recruitment consultant can help you with your job search

With sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn continuing to grow in popularity, more and more people are declaring the death of recruitment consultants and the recruitment industry as a whole. While there is no denying that the recruitment industry has changed immeasurably over the past ten years, it is still going very strong and working with a recruitment consultancy still offers a great deal to candidates looking to change roles.


Top telecoms news – 'Quintuple-play' is launched, Google confirms IoT platform and Dutch retailers push for electronic payments

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 29th May 2015. This week has seen the launch of the first ever ‘quintuple-play’ service, confirmation of Google’s new ‘Brillo’ IoT platform and Danish plans to allow retailers to turn away customers who can’t pay electronically.


The shifting tectonics of Belgian telecoms

The Belgian telecommunications market has seen a great deal of change over the past decade and has often been a blueprint for market trends and activity across the global telecommunications market. For this reason I thought I’d take a look at the most recent changes to the Belgian marketplace, what they mean for telecoms in Belgium and what it might mean for European and global telecommunications in the future.


Top telecoms news – Global smartphone sales break records, Vodafone returns to sales growth and yet more acquisitions

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 22nd May 2015. News was released this week that global smartphone sales set a new record in Q1 of 2015. It is perhaps unsurprising then that this week also brought news that Vodafone had returned to sales growth and a number of telecoms companies made yet more acquisitions to try and grab a larger share of the growing market.


Mobile payments now more popular than credit cards - The implications for telecoms recruitment

According to research by BuzzCity, mobile payments have just surpassed credit card payments as the second most common payment method for mobile phone users (cash remains the most popular). 24%were recorded as saying that they used mobile payment methods to purchase items while only 17% said they used credit cards. With the mobile money market expected to go from strength to strength, we look at what it might mean for telecoms recruitment in the future.

Top telecoms news – Verizon acquires AOL while Tesco Mobile and Nokia Here search for buyers

Top Telecoms news


All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 15th May 2015. The increased merger and acquisition activity within the telecoms market has continued this week with Verizon’s acquisition of AOL and reports that Tesco is planning on selling its mobile business and Uber has made a bid for Nokia’s mapping service Here.