Top telecoms news – Swisscom faces heavy fines, EE reaffirms commitment to MVNO and Visa invests in Stripe

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 31st July 2015. Following last week’s assertion by Talk Talk that Vodafone were looking to exit the MVNO market, EE have reasserted their commitment to it, Swisscom face substantial fines for misusing their position and liberty Global increases its stake in UK broadcaster ITV.

Is your company too slow to hire?

Having come out of one of the worst recessions in recent times, companies are now beginning to feel more confident about growing their teams. However, many companies are taking too long to hire new staff and this is affecting their ability to attract and retain the talent that they need to make the most of this period of economic growth.


OTT providers and operators – The new odd couple?

Since their inception, OTT messaging apps have caused a headache for mobile operators. In their golden age, messaging was one of the pillars of operators’ revenue streams. With the advent of free OTT messaging apps however, operators have begun to lose revenue and struggled to claw it back from other areas. Now that OTT messaging is pretty ubiquitous, operators are finding new value in these troublesome apps but how long can these new relationships last?

Top telecoms news – Huawei bucks the trend and Ericsson begins 5G trials with SoftBank

All the top news stories from the technology, media and telecoms market for the week ending 24th July 2015. This week Talk Talk have made claims that Vodafone is planning to exit the MVNO market (which Vodafone deny), Ericsson and SoftBank trial 5G in Tokyo and Huawei buck the decline in the Chinese smartphone market and report huge growth in revenues.


Europe’s top office coffee shop

There is a certain level of prestige that comes with working at a company’s headquarters, especially if the company is a European or global market leader. The little additional extras that come with working at a company’s headquarters can really add to an employee’s experience whether they are a permanent employee, consultant or contractor.


Chinese market slows – Where will smartphone makers turn next?

According to their recent global mobile device shipment predictions, market analysts Gartner believe that smartphone sales in China are slowing. The market is now showing signs of reaching saturation which they believe is causing the slow down. With China being such a huge driver in the smartphone industry, many are now asking how and where smartphone makers are going to find that level of growth again.


People and pencils – Do companies treat contractors as a commodity?

Procurement professionals have a wide remit and work across most areas of a business to ensure that the company has what it needs and uses what it has, all of this in a cost-effective and efficient manner. However, contractors operating across all industries and areas are now beginning to complain about the treatment they receive from procurement departments.


The changing face of telecommunications

The telecoms industry is changing and the speed of that change is increasing. It seems that not a week goes by without a new piece of technology or service offering being announced somewhere in the world. How best to keep up with the constantly evolving market has long been a topic of great debate amongst those operating within the telecoms industry.


The future of ‘quintuple-play’ and bundled services in telecoms

There has been a huge number of mergers and acquisitions in the European telecoms market recently. It seems that all the major players in the market are striving to offer ‘quad-play’ services in a bid to attract and retain customers by offering cheap deals for service ‘bundles’. With the telecoms market expanding into new and exciting areas, how far can bundling go in the future and what will it mean for the telecoms industry?