Top telecoms news – BT re-enters the mobile market and Apple breaks with the Steve Jobs playbook

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 27th March 2015. This week we see BT re-enter the mobile market as 3UK and O2 finalise details of their merger. Elsewhere Apple break from the Steve Jobs playbook by making their first acquisition of an enterprise software company, the EU outlines their strategy for creating a single digital market and Oracle deliver an industry first in end-to-end NFV orchestration.

3 and O2 become 1

News released yesterday is that Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong conglomerate, has finalised a deal to purchase British operator O2 from Telefonica. Like the BT/EE merger, it is yet another example of consolidation in the European telecommunications market. It is however a completely different kettle of fish, built on different motivators with an entirely different set of consequences for telecoms recruitment both in Europe and across the globe.

Who’s looking for what – Telecoms skills businesses are looking to recruit

The telecommunications market has seen incredible growth over the past few years and continues to grow and change at an amazing rate. As it changes, the skills and experience that are in demand in the sector change with it. In this blog we look at three skills that are currently in demand and why so many companies are looking to hire these skills into their businesses.




UK Budget 2015: What it means for telecoms recruitment

This week’s budget announcement outlined a number of measures which have been (for the most part) well received by individuals and businesses alike. This budget focussed heavily on technology, telecommunications and the self-employed. We have gone through the Budget Book, simplified it and filtered out anything unrelated to offer you a look at how the budget might affect telecoms recruitment and your future career.


How to create the perfect job brief

Hiring people into your team can be a difficult and time consuming process. When you are looking to hire, the process should start with building a full job and person specification to increase your chances of attracting the right people and decrease the amount of time you spend searching.


Whether you're using an agency or advertising the role yourself, this blog covers the points that should be included in the perfect job brief.

European telecoms ripe for the picking?

There are a number of companies looking to make the most of the recent spate of mergers and acquisitions in the European telecoms market by buying distressed companies, but a new entrant to the market has everyone talking.


Being emotionally invested in candidates - A good or bad trait?

During my career in recruitment I have had to face a number of challenges and learning curves. For me personally, the hardest challenge I have had to face is learning to curb my emotional attachment to my candidates. 


Living and working in Belgium – Part II

At Vine Resources we place telecoms professionals in exclusive roles with some of the biggest operators, vendors and consultancies around the world. This means that we often have opportunities for skilled professionals to live and work abroad. To help you decide whether a country will meet your personal circumstances and requirements, we are putting together a collection of blog posts about living and working in countries that we operate in.


How to get paid more money – negotiating the best deal when changing jobs

There are a lot of reasons to change jobs. Wanting better wages is rarely the only consideration, but it is almost always a contributing factor. No one wants to feel that they are being short changed, but playing hard ball is a risky strategy when you really want the job. So how can you make sure that you get the best remuneration package when you change jobs? Honesty.

4 simple reasons no one is applying for your job

No matter how good your levels of customer service, recruitment companies will always be judged on whether or not they can find and place the perfect candidate.


While a good recruiter is worth their weight in gold, the truth of the matter is that there are a number of things that organisations can do to help speed up the process and help recruiters find the best candidates.