Digitalisation of the CIO


When you work in the information technology sector, you need to understand digital trends. There are many ways in which digitalisation will change your role. If you want to be a success, you will need to adapt yourself. If you fail to alter your methods, you will fail and let your company down. Of course, that is the last thing you want to do, and so you should avoid it at all costs.

Top telecoms news – Three UK reports subscriber growth, the Dutch mobile market shrinks and Ziggo launch ‘free’ sports channel

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 28th August 2015. This week Three UK have announced an increase in subscribers, the Dutch mobile market has shrunk and Ziggo have released information about a new, ‘free’ sports channel they plan to make available soon.


How to get the most out of your first 90 days in a new job

Starting a new job is daunting. The interview process may give you an idea of the company’s expectations and culture but you won’t really understand it until you walk through the door on day one. Every job and every company is different, but there are a few things that you can do to help make the transition a little easier and to help ingratiate yourself to your colleagues from the very start.

Top telecoms news – Google enters the router market, Samsung launches m-payment service and global smartphone sales up 5%

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 21st August 2015. This week Google have announced that they will be entering the router market, Ofcom have said that they see no problem with BT’s acquisition of EE and Samsung launch their m-payment service.


How to hire the best and get the most out of your software developers

Across the globe demand for software developers is increasing. With the dawn of the internet of things, sectors that never used to have any call for IT professionals are now having to find, attract and manage an ever increasing number of software developers to help them make the most of this new industry and take advantage of the profits it undoubtedly offers.


How to work effectively with a recruitment partner – 6 top tips

Hiring through a recruitment partner is not the only way to find great staff and bring them into your business. When done right however it offers a number of advantages over other options. The problem comes when it isn’t done right. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your recruitment activity, we have put together a list of six top tips on how to work effectively with a recruitment partner.


Top telecoms news – Ofcom launches mobile coverage checker, Google changes its name and Vodafone enters the multiplay race

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 14th August 2015. This week has seen the news that Google have created a new public holding company called alphabet, Ofcom have launched a mobile network coverage checker and Vodafone have started to rollout broadband services in the UK.


The digitisation of the public sector – A golden opportunity for operators

Governments and public sectors across the globe are moving towards digitising their IT services and data storage. These major transformation projects are a great opportunity for telecoms operators to not only partner with governments and public sector organisations and open up new revenue streams, but to lead these changes and play a central role in driving them forward.


Top telecoms news – Chinese mobile makers see continued growth and Google launches ‘biggest security update in history’

All the top news stories from the telecoms market for the week ending 7th August 2015. This week has seen some major upsets in the mobile world with Huawei overtaking Microsoft in terms of the global mobile market and Apple losing its spot as China’s top smartphone maker. In addition Google have announced they will launch the 'biggest security update in history'.


The end of the line for 2G and 3G?

With 5G on the horizon and increasing demand for 4G, network operators are considering retiring their 2G or 3G networks to free up space. The big question is which to retire first, when to start winding them down and how to manage the process. While it may be bad news for customers still using these legacy networks, it is great news for telecoms professionals as it is expected to bring about a boom in hiring.