Apple and Facebook to offer egg freezing for female employees, but are they missing the point?

Tech giants Facebook and Apple have recently announced that female employees may now take advantage of a brand new benefit; they will both offer $20,000 to female employees who wish to freeze their eggs and delay starting a family. While this has been lauded by many as offering women a chance to progress their careers without the worry of a ticking biological clock, I for one can’t help but think that they’ve missed the point.

How 'inside out' recruiting can engage your workforce and save you money

Recruitment has changed. With the economy recovering there are a greater number of jobs available meaning that candidates can afford to be more discerning about the roles for which they apply. With this in mind, the most talented individuals are now cherry picking the organisations that they want to work for and rejecting roles with organisations that they do not know or do not wish to work for.

Why your internal process is costing you the best contractors

The economic recovery has brought about an increase in demand for contractors as companies look to make the most of improving financials to implement change programmes, invest in new systems or undertake mergers and acquisitions. This increase in demand means that the best contractors now have a number of career options open to them and organisations need to do more to attract and retain the contractors they need.

Be honest with recruiters and yourself


Working with a recruiter is like joining a dating site: Honesty really is the best policy. Lying on your dating website profile may get you a date with a supermodel, but it will almost certainly end very quickly and you will never hear from them again. It is a similar story with recruitment.

Be honest with yourself

Why the interview process is key in keeping your candidate engaged and building your company reputation



There is a lot of talk these days about it being “a candidate driven market” and there being a “war for talent”. With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when yesterday I was informed that a candidate would not accept a very appealing role with a global telecommunications business due to the treatment they had received during the interview process.


The first 10 seconds of the phone interview can make or break it for you

Phone intevirew

In our industry many first round interviews are conducted by telephone. Usually this might be a line manager wanting to ask some basic questions to sound out the candidate and to see if it’s going to be a good investment of both parties time taking it forward to a face to face. Generally they might be looking for the following in the call:


The importance of references

Meet the Team: Suzanne Brannan



Suzanne Brannan: Client Account Director EMEA

What’s your background?

Don't be surprised if you're contractor is gone


I heard from a contractor (Solution Architect) last week that after 12 months with a large Telecoms operator he was leaving as he could not get his contract extension organised in time. He had given them plenty of warning but within the last 7 days of his contract he was approached by another agency about a contract role and decided to take it.