How we find candidates

Qualifying the vacancy

In order to find the perfect candidate for a particular role, Vine Resources recruiters work with clients to qualify their needs and to develop an appropriate interview process.  We have developed systems that help to define positions clearly and accurately to ensure that the right candidates are identified for interview.  

Managing the recruitment process

We believe that it is just as important to be able to identify the right candidates as it is to sell the role and the company to those candidates.  Once we have defined a role, we work closely with our clients to establish timelines and deadlines, managing the entire recruitment process from delivery of CVs and arrangement of interviews, to feedback and review procedures and the appointment of a successful applicant. 

Building our future network of candidates

At Vine Resources, we are not only seeking out candidates to fill jobs today; we believe it is important to identify candidates for the jobs of tomorrow. The team aims to be ready and able to react quickly to our clients’ needs in an ever-changing and fast-moving industry.  To this end, we carry out a number of activities to attract high-calibre individuals and to be recognised by candidates as premium recruiters in the market place.