Attracting the best people for our company

18th June 2012

We recently moved to larger offices close to London Bridge which was part of our 5 year strategy for Vine Resources. We thought this was a great time to review the business and look at what we offer to ensure we attract the best people to work for us. There's so many great recruitment companies to choose from so here's what we put together to hopefully stand out of the crowd:

Office and the area

We have just engaged with a interior designer who will be transforming our modern office to make it a very special place to work. After getting feedback and a wish list of what the staff wanted we are looking to create something fitting to the area and a fantastic place to work. The transformation is currently underway (we've already had the table tennis table and arcade machine arrive) and I should be able to gives some pictures/videos next month.

The office at Bermondsey Square is at the end of trendy Bermondsey Street, now one of the best streets around London bridge to eat out in giving us plenty of places to choose from including:

And for a night cap why not pop along to one of the best night clubs in London Oh and did I saw that's just on our street! We also have some amazing coffee shops including the famous Bermondsey Coffee shop as well as London's best kept secret coffee hatch

Downstairs from the office we have a Sainsbury's as well as a Eastern Mediterranean restaurant/bar and a independent cinema

Less than 5 mins walk along the road you can get your gym fix in at Soho Gyms

Both the girls and the boys can get your hair cut in your lunch hour at right here on Bermondsey Street


We've invested heavily in technology and all our systems our now online allowing us to work from anywhere. You can access the database from your iphone and will get an email nightly showing you how you are performing across the business giving you live information on your market and the business as a whole. All our contractors are signed electronically enabling us to speed up the paperwork process for all our placements. We constantly look at our technology to ensure we are remain at the forefront in the industry.

Social media and marketing

We have a dedicated social media consultant who managers the company social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as our email campaigns to help us keep at the forefront of both our client and candidates minds. You can see our facebook page here and our twitter page here


We have a simply commission scheme that encourages high performers with commission up to 30% with no threshold depending on revenue for both contract and permanent placements


We are introducing a new scheme in 2012 which will allow for a “Pick and Mix style” of benefits package allowing you to choose the benefits that are important to you right now in your life. This can be amended annually depending on your circumstances. The start of 2013 will also see the introduction of a share option scheme which will be open to all employees of the company giving staff the benefit from the business success they're helping to create.

Monthly social & incentives

Every month we have a free company social around the area and we have additional team incentives like trips to Paris, Ibiza or Berlin.

Career development and training

We small company but trying to do the right things and know how important it is to develop our people. Everyone has a monthly review and during this process we look at skills gaps and look to develop these with our recruitment training partners. With the support our training partners we are putting in place a structured career development programme and know this is what will help us to become more successful. We would expect all staff to attend at least 3-4 training programmes a year depending on needs and for those looking to excel we have a 2 year future years programme for those looking for leadership/management roles in the business. Here at Vine Resources we are looking for a number of people who want to become directors of the business as it grows.


We know this is a big issue with many companies and we want to focus on empowering our team to set their own goals. Instead of setting the targets for a certain number of calls we focus on the important outcomes (prior to placement) and work with each recruiter to set their own goals which could change weekly depending on what they are working on. This empowers the consultant to work towards what they believe they need to do to achieve the end result.

What do you think? Would it seem attractive to you or what could we do to make it better?