Directors View: Quality vacancies essential

14th June 2012

There’s no doubt about it recruitment in Europe is challenging right now.  Clients are telling us it’s taking longer to get budget approval and the interview process seems to be dragging out both for permanent and contract however the positive news is clients are and do want to hire people.   

Here at Vine Resources we have to ensure we manage our own time effectively and ensure we are working on quality jobs that have been fully cleaned down. Often we get job specs from clients who have given us a black and white document that is their standard job template only to speak to the hiring manager and find out it’s completely different that what was on the spec.  if we following this document we would waste time sourcing the wrong candidates and waste the hiring managers time reviewing the document. 

When we take a new contract or permanent role we push back on the recruitment team or hiring manager to go through the job and person spec over the phone or in person as well as understanding the interview process and timelines for interview to placement.  This is to ensure we capture everything we need around the  to ensure we are working effectively to deliver the right candidates and ultimately to turn it into a placement which is good news for us and good news for our client.