How to differentiate a great recruiter from a good enough recruiter

20th July 2012

In the recruitment industry you come across all sorts of recruiters. Whilst some are just climbing the corporate ladder, others are actually focused on honing their recruitment skills. So how would YOU differentiate between a good recruiter and a GREAT one?

Below we’ve compiled a list of recruitment traits phenomenal recruiters we have encountered possess:

  • Genuinely interested in people and have a passion for networking.They will do this because they love this, not just because it’s a core element of a recruiter's role.
  • Marketing skills in the sphere of influencing and selling. A great recruiter needs to be able to use his or her networks as marketing channels and target them specifically.
  • Focusing on the unique characteristics of each specific role and each specific candidate.They know how to mix and match the right candidates with the right managers because they have deep knowledge of the needs and capabilities of each through their networking skills and ability to influence.
  • They understand the nuances of the role for which they are hiring.
  • They are open to technology and new digital/social media platforms when it comes to sourcing candidates. They are results driven and focus on those channels that help them in achieving those results.
  • Those are just a few traits of great recruiters, Ultimately It is about making good matches in a discreet,efficient and effortless way.

What skills do you think great recruiters should have? How could recruiters improve the process for you as a client? Share your experiences with us on our twitter page @vineresources or leave us a comment.