What do your employees really want?

10th July 2012

Believe it or not, it’s not (all) about the money. When it comes to retaining quality staff and increasing the job satisfaction of your employees, research shows that what employees really want is to be treated well in the workplace.

So how does that impact what you as a manager need to be doing?

  1. Make sure you create a pleasant work environment. This can make all the difference when it comes to individual job satisfaction. Respect, understanding, tolerance are all a must. 
  2. Recognize your employees. Make sure your company focuses on rewarding those who are doing well (why not have an ‘’employee of the month’’ award, or even just congratulate the ones who make a huge difference in your company newsletter?)
  3. It’s all about the perks. From company discounts, to on site gyms, masseuse, creches, employees love to work for an organization that give back to the employees. 
  4. Help where you can. If you go that extra mile for an employee, you can almost guarantee that will increase their sense of loyalty to you and the company. 
  5. Institute a culture of mentoring. Make sure you are aiding your team in fulfilling their professional goals and inspiring them along the way.