Oracle Corporation, a leading technology provider, offers a comprehensive range of integrated cloud applications and cloud infrastructure platforms. With a vast global presence, Oracle collaborates with millions of companies worldwide.




This case study highlights our engagement with Oracle to support its various programs across UK, European and Middle Eastern entities.


As the system integrator for these new projects, Oracle required our assistance in identifying key architects and solution designers on short notice to join their programs.


Oracle had multiple end customers, including telecom operators and a global manufacturing organisation. Within a two-year period, we were tasked with finding consultants for projects in Belgium, France, the UK, and Saudi Arabia.


The challenge


Our primary responsibility was to thoroughly understand the engagement director's requirements and find suitable consultants capable of travelling at short notice. They also needed to possess the necessary skills and experience and command the appropriate level of professionalism to liaise with end clients.


These consultants would work closely with the key stakeholders on high-level design requirements, collaborating with business analysts, conducting workshops, and delivering innovative solutions.


In addition to bringing in the right consultants, we also faced the challenge of ensuring a seamless procurement process. This involved setting up dedicated calls with our operations director to establish smooth commercial agreements promptly.


Our focus was on facilitating on-site work for the consultants while ensuring compliance, particularly in Saudi Arabia, with respect to travel and accommodation arrangements.


The solution


Throughout the engagement, we successfully assembled a team of over six to eight senior architects, who played a crucial role in delivering the program objectives. The outcome was highly successful, resulting in a satisfied engagement director.


The collaboration between our consultants, Oracle, and the end clients effectively drove the projects forward, met strategic objectives and achieved high-level design requirements.


The result


Our partnership with Oracle enabled the smooth execution of their telecoms, manufacturing and retail projects across Europe and the Middle East. By leveraging our expertise in talent acquisition, we successfully identified and provided skilled architects and solution designers who delivered exceptional results.


The project's success was further bolstered by our efficient procurement processes, ensuring compliance and facilitating the consultants' seamless on-site work experience.