Sky is one of the leading ‘Quad play’ European broadcast companies and we have been working with them, their partners and vendors who need particular skills and experience within the broadcast technology field. This technology is very specialist and niche, as they are using specific software and systems to be able to provision and schedule programming, broadband, mobile, and advertising technology services and to be able to deliver content online in a secure environment. 



The solution


We were brought in to support Sky in providing niche skills in business areas including advertising technology, content supply chain integration, TV streaming services, and more. We have provided some of the best ‘hard to find’ expertise across this diverse range of domains.


The results


As they ramp up and scale their customer solutions and new services, we have provided exceptional consultants with industry expertise across the key component areas such as project managers for broadband and mobile customer delivery. We have delivered business analysts, advertising technology specialists, network engineers within CDN services, software engineers and developers working within their TV streaming services. In addition, Java, Scala, Java-Script, IOS and Android engineers are supporting strategic programmes where managers have been brought in to help deliver new programs and services for Sky.

The consultants have been distrubuted across the UK, Europe and the USA, to acute timescales, demanding compliance needs and the utmost quality and often kept on for longer engagements on multiple projects.