Tele2 partners with Vine Resources to source hard-to-find tech talent - case study


Tele2 is one of the largest telecom companies in Sweden. In recent years growth plans have resulted in a number of acquisitions that have enlarged the organisation. Services now include fixed line connectivity, and mobile and TV streaming solutions.




Vine Resources has had a long-term relationship partnering with Tele2 over a number of years providing them with highly skilled consultants for multiple projects. These individuals have either worked in Sweden or in some cases have worked remotely. 


The projects we have supported include IT Development, Project Management, Software Engineering and Infrastructure Management. 


The challenge


Tele2 has always been challenged in identifying and bringing on board highly skilled consultants who could work alongside their permanent full-time members of staff to deliver projects within the required timeframes.


Tele2 also has a requirement for people who can work with vendor partners and provide knowledge transfer to the existing teams to ensure long-term success.


The solution


Over the years Tele2 has had many major projects where they have needed these specialist and hard-to-find skills in compressed timescales. Vine Resources has partnered to support the hiring process of identifying, interviewing, selecting, offering and accepting over 40 consultants.


Projects have included a major infrastructure IT transition and more recently a significant project around Microsoft Hyper V.


The result


On an ongoing basis, we have helped ensure consultants have been sourced with full hiring support. These services have also included onboarding and taking care of the local tax and compliance needs for working in Sweden. This ensures the consultants are set up quickly to support the business and deliver effectively.