Warner Brothers Discovery

Warner Brothers Discovery

Warner Brothers Discovery had significant challenges in its quest to consolidate scheduling and ad sales systems across Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The company engaged external support to address this complex undertaking, seeking experts who could streamline their operations and align their diverse legacy systems onto a unified platform.




Warner Brothers Discovery is a major media conglomerate with a global presence. Their operations span across multiple continents, serving a vast and diverse audience. One of their critical operational challenges was the need to merge and consolidate scheduling systems and ad sales systems, which had evolved independently over the years. The project aimed to establish a common platform for ad sales and scheduling across their expansive network, encompassing a multitude of countries and regions.




The primary challenges revolved around finding the right expertise to tackle this monumental task. To succeed, Warner Brothers Discovery needed individuals with a proven track record of delivering complex, multi-country solutions, particularly in the broadcast media sector. The key challenges included:


Expertise Gap: Identifying professionals with the requisite skills and experience in merging scheduling and ad sales systems within a global context.


Team Building: Assembling a team that could work cohesively and complement each other's skill sets.




To address these challenges, Warner Brothers Discovery engaged external support, and here is how they approached the solution:


Senior Business Analyst: They sought a senior business analyst to collaborate closely with internal stakeholders, capture user requirements, and drive project outcomes. This individual would serve as a bridge between the technical aspects of the project and the needs of the end-users.


Senior Project Manager: Alongside the business analyst, a senior project manager was required. This manager would bring the necessary experience in handling complex international projects and working with scheduling and ad sales systems in the broadcast media industry.


After careful consideration, Warner Brothers Discovery decided to deploy a team of two consultants who had previously worked together on a different program. These consultants were deemed suitable for the task and were expected to deliver the desired outcomes.




Following the deployment of the chosen consultants, extensive discussions were held to define the project's objectives and scope. The selected consultants engaged in productive conversations with Warner Brothers Discovery's internal teams, understanding their unique requirements and expectations.


As a result of this collaboration, Warner Brothers Discovery is now in a position to move forward with its new target scheduling systems and ad sales solutions. This marks a significant achievement, as the project was initially behind schedule. The external consultants brought valuable expertise to the table, helping to steer the program back on track. Consequently, the customer is satisfied with the progress made, and the program is shaping up well.


This illustrates how a media giant successfully addressed the challenge of consolidating scheduling and ad sales systems across a diverse global landscape. By partnering with external experts, they were able to bridge expertise gaps, assemble a capable team, and ensure the project deadlines were met.