Warner Brothers Discovery

Warner Brothers Discovery

Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD), a world-renowned media leader, identified an opportunity to enhance operational efficiency across its diverse regional markets. Legacy scheduling and ad sales systems, developed independently, lacked uniformity, hindering a more streamlined approach. WBD envisioned a unified platform to optimise ad sales and scheduling processes throughout its vast network.



  • Expertise Gap: To realise this vision, WBD needed to leverage the skills of specialists with a proven track record of merging complex scheduling and ad sales systems on a global scale within the broadcast media industry.
  • Team Building: Assembling a team with complementary skillsets was crucial to navigate the project's multifaceted nature.



  • Strategic Collaboration: WBD sought external consultants with demonstrable experience delivering similar solutions in the broadcast media sector.
  • Proven Teamwork: They strategically deployed a team of two consultants who had previously collaborated successfully on another project, ensuring a cohesive and experienced unit.


Business Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Expertise: The consultants' proficiency filled the knowledge gap, allowing WBD to confidently progress with the project.
  • Project Back on Track: Through collaboration and in-depth discussions with internal teams, the consultants helped define project objectives and scope, putting the previously delayed project back on schedule.
  • Efficiency Optimised: The project's success paves the way for a unified platform, optimising ad sales and scheduling processes for WBD's global operations.


Key Takeaways:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of strategic external collaboration in unlocking business potential. By partnering with the right experts, WBD was able to bridge skill gaps, assemble a capable team, and ensure project progress towards a more efficient and unified global operation.