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Freetrade Case Study

Recruiting in super fast time for a global product launch!

Company background

Freetrade is a challenger stockbroker that offers free share trading in mobile phones.  With the company launching their product offering to the market imminently, they needed to increase the headcount of their core mobile and engineering teams in super quick time to support their success.

The challenge

Due to the nature of this business not only as a challenger to the incumbents but also with very complex regulatory requirements, it was critical that the bar was set extremely high for the quality of candidates who would join the team. With an added time pressure of the impending product launch, agility and speed were critical requirements!

The solution

Working together in partnership with Freetrade, we provided some feedback, guidance and process enhances to their recruitment process incorporating their applicant tracking system (ATS).  A multiple approach model was agreed to reach out to the different candidate types from selected target companies.

After agreeing on the type of candidates to approach, we spent the coming weeks reaching out to candidates 7 days a week, set up a 3 stage interview process, (which included technical loops, on-site assessements, and team meetings), to move the right candidates through the recruitment process. 

The result

After an extensive search and in-depth recruitment process, a candidate was selected with the right technical calibre, values and culture fit that would make a great addition to the existing Freetrade team - all in time for the product launch!

The challenge in short

  • New challenger company in the marketplace that was not known
  • Bar set very high for the quality of the individuals
  • Time-pressed to bring on board the right candidate due to the imminent product launch

The solution in short

  • Went to the market to identify candidates from the target companies at the righ quality
  • Multiple different approaches to target the candidates 24/7
  • Provided short list, set up 3 stage interview process including technical loop, onsite assessment and team meeting
  • The candidate hired and started in time for the launch of the product

The result

  • Candidate selected with right technical calibre, the right fit - to the right timescale!

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