Our Success stories

Ice group Case Study

Delivery high-quality test resources to support the business in Oslo, Norway.

The challenge 

Ice group is a Scandinavian mobile network operator with a lean and digital-first approach to operations so they can deliver an exceptional customer experience at low cost.  Due to initial growth through acquisitor of customers as well as new customer subscribers they needed to build their test capability in Oslo Norway to ensure a robust platform ready to support their subscribers. 

The solution

After conference all to fully understand the business objectives and qualify the requirements in full for the test team requirements, our team wen away to work on finding the right people either in the Nordics of across the UK and Europe.  A shortlist of candidates were provided within 3 days, references checked and interviews arranged over Skype video as a first stage.  For those who made it to the second round, a further interview was arranged with more in-depth discussions with the existing Test Manager. 

The result

Candidates were then selected and Vine Resources supported arrangement for all logistics including flights, apartments and making sure everyone started on time so training and inductions could be conducted the same week.   

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The challenge in short

  • Ice group were launching new billing and CRM applications.
  • The critical stage during the launch of new services and the migration of customers from other Telecoms operator
  • High-quality contractors required to hit the ground running and add immediate impact

The solution in short

  • A conference call to qualify the business objectives, skills and experience required and manage logistics
  • Network from across the Nordics and Europe contacted down to a shortlist of suitable candidates
  • A team of test consultants started on time being able to add value on the programme's objectives.