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MBB Network Consultant for senior role with Huawei Netherlands Case Study

High levels of experience with technical and business capabilities 

The challenge

Vine Resources were given an exclusive requirement for a senior position within Huawei Netherlands. They were looking to find an MBB Network Consultant with a mix of both technical and business capabilities. Due to the business critical nature of this role, the client was interested in finding someone who was already working at this level with one of their competitors or another similar organisation.

The solution

Vine Resources took the time to find out the exact mix of skills and experience that Huawei Netherlands were looking for. This process helped in identifying viable candidates from our extensive networks. Our team headhunt the most talented professionals working at this level across the globe and, in a very short time frame had found a number of suitable candidates.

The result

Three candidates were shortlisted, all of which had the desired skills and experience. After considering the CVs Huawei Netherlands were interested in one of the candidates in particular. The candidate was first invited for a telephone interview, then a face to face interview. The candidate was successful at these interviews and was offered the job. Employment contracts have now been signed and the candidate will be starting in their new role in the coming weeks.

The challenge in short

  • MBB Network Consultant required for senior role at Huawei Netherlands
  • Candidate needed a mix of technical and business capabilities
  • The client required an experienced professional currently working in a similar role for one of their competitors

The solution in short

  • Headhunted the most skilled professionals in the field
  • 3 candidates shortlisted
  • Successful candidate identified and contracts issued in a short time period