Our Success stories

PSA Groupe Case Study

The challenge 

Groupe PSA is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe. It is present in 160 countries and possesses 16 production sites across the world.  The purchase of the Vauxhall and Opel brands in 2017 expanded it's business significantly.  

A large number of legacy systems and infrastructure required migration to be integrated into the new group solutions which at the initial phase would require some due diligence and planning.

The solution

Working closely with the Head of Business Information systems to understand the business requirements, timelines and outcomes and bring on board the right people to deliver the solution with the focus on the  project plans, milestones and 

The result

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The challenge in short

  • PSA Groupe 
  • A large number of programmes around the transformation of the business, legacy migration of infrastructure
  • Co-ordination between France HQ and the UK and Latin America Operations.