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Skilled candidate found quickly for business-critical role at KPMG Case Study

Vine Resources provide fast response when other recruitment agencies struggle

The challenge

KPMG needed a senior operations engineer for a key role based in Holland: providing infrastructure support and deployment for its global network of 145,000 people across 150 countries. This new, business-critical position also included managing vendor partners and helping to ensure the smoothrunning of KPMG's global data centre operations for Europe, the Americas and the Asia/Pacific regions. However, local recruitment agencies in Holland failed to identify a single candidate over a 4-6 month period.

The solution

KPMG turned to Vine Resources for help. "We had good experiences using Vine Resources for previous IT recruitment assignments: the service was great and we enjoyed working together," explains Stijn Folkers, HR Advisor at KPMG. Although headquartered in the UK, Vine has global capabilities and so finding a candidate for Holland was not an issue. However, Vine recognised that the right blend of skills required would be hard to find. The candidate also needed experience working for large organisations. The Vine team began an extensive search - and found a stand-out candidate.

The result

The candidate was working for another telecoms provider in Amsterdam on a 24-hour shift pattern. The regular business hours offered by the KPMG role was an added attraction. His CV was submitted, followed by a three-stage interview process - and his appointment. The candidate and KPMG were delighted. "Other recruitment agencies couldn't find the right people - but Vine Resources could," adds Stijn Folkers at KPMG. "Vine Resources understand our business and are very open, honest and motivated to help. They deliver suitable candidates at short notice."

The challenge in short

  • Senior operations engineer needed for business-critical role, supporting KPMG's business worldwide
  • Niche skills required, plus exp managing vendor partners
  • Local recruitment companies failed to find any candidates, despite searching for 4-6 months

The solution in short

  • Vine Resources used contacts to quickly identify highly-skilled, locally-based candidate, looking for such a role
  • Client and candidate supported by Vine through CV submission, three-stage interview and negotiation process
  • Both parties delighted with outcome

Mario Scuderi (candidate)

I've worked with recruitment companies in the past - but Vine have been the best. They are friendly, professional and guided me throughout the entire process. They were also concerned about my goals and happiness. They wanted to be sure that any appointment was in the best interests of everyone involved. Vine won my trust and I've already recom recommended them to colleagues .