Our Success stories

Sky Case Study

The Challenge

Sky UK had an issue with their relationship with Open Reach. When a Sky customer had an issue with installation, broadband speed, connection etc., Sky would call out an engineer each time and have to pay Open Reach. This was costing them millions of pounds. They needed a project manager to help them overhaul the issues they were having during this process to save Sky money, time and to give a better overall customer experience.

The Solution

We identified that their requirement was to have not only a project manager, but also someone who could drive the delivery. The candidate needed to have experience of working with service activation in the broadband networks but also have a strong relationship with Ofcom and work together with them rather than creating a blame culture. Working with our onsite consultancy partner, we took the full candidate requirement from Sky.

The Result

We delivered a shortlist of three candidates, and worked within their budgets in order to find a suitable person for the role. This candidate was extremely successful and went on to be put forward for an award at Sky for outstanding delivery of their service.

The challenge in short

  • Sky UK required a project manager to manage their relationship with Open Reach
  • Needed someone who could also drive the delivery and maintain relationship with Ofcom
  • Candidate had to have experience of working with broadband networks

The solution in short

  • We shortlisted three candidates
  • We worked within Sky’s budget to find a suitable candidate
  • Candidate was hugely successful and put forward for an award for outstanding service