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Tech Mahindra Case Study

Delivering rare skills within challenging timescales

The challenge

Tech Mahindra are providing an outsource solution to a major cable TV provider in Netherlands. This particular project required professional contract resource to develop the clients order management solution – ConceptWave to fit with the client’s business needs and system designs. ConceptWave skills are rare and the challenge was to source and secure talent that is not generally available on the open market.

The solution

It was clear early on that we would need to source overseas resource for the project and we soon identified similar projects from which to draw resource. Our experienced resource team appealed to our extensive network and used their headhunting skills to attract and shortlist a number of suitable candidates for Tech M to interview. Due to the rare skill set required many of the candidates had to be sourced from permanent roles and therefore needed to be coached on the process for contracting. This included sourcing compliant working solutions for all contractors and helping to make the transition from permanent employment to contracting as smooth as possible.

The result

The shortlist of candidates were interviewed over the phone and feedback collated. An experienced and established team of developers were recruited and are now providing valuable resource to the client on behalf of Tech M.

The challenge in short

  • ConceptWave Development team required for large project in the Netherland’s
  • Identifying suitable resource within a challenging timeframe
  • Limited pool of resource / rare skill set

The solution in short

  • Headhunted suitable resource and shortlist provided to the Tech Mahindra resource team
  • Phone interviews arranged and referenced checked within 48 hours
  • Team of Consultants selected and secured
  • Assistance provided in sourcing a suitable, local, compliant employment solution to facilitate the contracts