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UPC Cablecom Case Study

IT Project Manager position based in Switzerland

Company background

UPC Holding is a European telecommunications company owned by Liberty Global which provides cable television, broadband internet and fixed telephony in Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The challenge

UPC Cablecom was looking to hire an IT Project Manager for a business-critical upgrade of their billing system. The role required a candidate with experience in both billing and CRM which is relatively uncommon. In addition, UPC was looking to find and hire the perfect candidate within a very short time frame so as not to delay the project.

The solution

Due to our extensive network of telecoms professionals, from the moment we received the requirement we had an idea of who would be appropriate for the role. Within 24 hours we had identified potential candidates and sent them to the client for their consideration. Of the five CVs sent, three were invited for an interview and one was eventually placed. As the position was based in Switzerland Vine Resources also had to source a suitable partner to help accommodate the contract and ensure a compliant solution for the placement. 

The result

Vine Resources managed the recruitment process throughout and were able to deliver the perfect candidate to the client within the timeframes initially discussed. The candidate is set to start in the role in the coming weeks and is excited about this new opportunity in his career. In addition, the client was very happy with the process and the hire and are now looking to partner with Vine Resources on a number of other requirements.

The challenge in short

  • Rare mix of skills and experience required
  • Challenging time frame
  • Required a partner to accommodate the contract as it was based in Switzerland

The solution in short

  • Vine Resources’ extensive network meant that we were able to find potential candidates quickly
  • Potential hires sourced and sent for consideration within 24 hours
  • 5 candidates put forward with 3 being invited back for interview 

The result

  • One of the candidates put forward was placed in the role
  • UPC very pleased with the outcome
  • Both companies now partnering on other requirements

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