Contractor Payroll

Contractor Payroll

Updated March 2022

Vine Resources strives to offer its contractors the highest standards of service by providing a reliable and efficient payment process. 

All approved contractor timesheets and invoices must be received by our payroll team ( no later than the close of business on the fourth working day of the month to avoid any delay in payment (third working day in some cases – you will be advised if this requirement relates to your contract). Please ensure that only 1 email is sent which contains both the fee invoice together with approved timesheet. Normally, we do not send a receipt confirmation and we would suggest that if this is required, you send a delivery receipt with your fee submission. If you are utilizing a payroll solution, the approved timesheet should be emailed to them who will raise an invoice on your behalf.  We would normally contact you within 2 working days if we have any queries so that this can be resolved quickly without delaying payment. Please make suitable arrangements to obtain timesheet approval in advance if you or your line manager is planning to be away over the submission deadline period. Some clients will provide an emailed approval to you rather than sign your timesheet – if you are in doubt, please contact Vine Resources Operations Department on 0203 435 6943. 

If your limited company is raising invoices to Vine Resources (rather than using a payroll solution), please ensure that the following details are included: 

The correct legal name of your limited company, its registered address and company registration number 

Your VAT registration number (if you are not VAT registered, VAT should not be mentioned on your invoice – even at 0%) 

Number of approved units for the fee submission period which corresponds to your approved timesheet 

Fee period 

Your day/hourly rate 

Total invoiced (net of VAT if applicable)

Total invoiced (gross of VAT if applicable)

Since there are specific arrangements required by each Client or if you are contracting via an umbrella management company, further details will be sent to you once an assignment has been agreed. 

Contractually we have 30 days payment terms from the end of each fee month providing that fee submissions follow our process and meet our deadline although we aim to pay earlier – normally on the 15th working day of the following month. A remittance advice will be sent to your payroll solution or to your limited company depending on your contractual arrangement once payment has left our account.

If your fee invoice and approved timesheet are received later than the 4th working day, our Operations team will make every effort to ensure payment is not delayed to you beyond 30 days from the end of the fee month but this cannot be guaranteed.

Our Operations team is committed to providing the best possible service to you and try, wherever possible, to be flexible and supportive. Operations can always be contacted on +44 (0) 203 435 6943 should you have any queries.