Market Mapping

Market Mapping

Talent mapping is the act of researching the personnel of your competitors with a view to building a candidate profile of each one. This process provides you not only with valuable intelligence on competitor activity, but also the details of all your industry’s main players.

Why recruit a completely unknown quantity when you could be hiring one of the industry’s finest game-changers? A candidate who will inevitably bring a wealth of experience and a database of information about how the competition operates.

The research you do into your competition and their staff, as you create your talent map, is an ongoing process. You should be making yourself aware of who your competitors’ most treasured employees are, as well as any significant events that occur in your industry. For instance, if any of your competitors’ staff win an award or get a promotion, you might be prompted to make discreet, or even indiscreet contact with the relevant person, with a view to headhunting them before anyone else does.

Of course, talent mapping is not just great for reducing any potential risks to your recruitment procedure and adding valuable members to your team. When a vacancy at your company arises naturally and you need to fill it quickly, you will already have a pool of right-fit candidates from which to choose.

If you have the option to recruit from the world’s best candidates, or simply the best candidates who actually applied for the position advertised, which would you choose?

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