Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment 

Hiring employees for many organisations is a painful process and hard work. There are two approaches recruiter partners can take when working on a vacancy: they can either maybe fill it or definitely fill it.

Most companies want guaranteed delivery when engaging with a recruitment company. With our recruitment systems and processes, you can feel comfortable engaging with us to ensure a successful outcome.


We will engage with you to understand the full job brief, work to an agreed timeline to present a shortlist of candidates and manage the end to end interview process and offer management.  Once the candidate has accepted we keep close to them ensuring a smooth start to their new role with you.

Whether you're looking for a candidate locally or looking for someone to relocate internationally, we are able to support you ensuring you find the right person for the role and company fit.

How we charge you

We will charge you a £1000/€1000/USD$1000 research fee (or equivalent in other local currency) in advance which pays for the time of the consultant to work 100% on your requirement and gives both parties commitment to the process. We will then charge the remainder of the fee on the successful start date of the candidate.

Our fees range between 20% - 30% depending on the salary level which ranges from about £50,000 - £200,000

For start-up companies less than 2 years old, we can offer a payment plan over 6 months,

You can get full details of our terms and conditions fees here. 



We will help you fill a particular role as a one-off giving you more time to focus on your business.


Normally from 2- 10 people.  You're growing and need to quickly establish a team.  We will work with you to put this team together managing the entire recruitment process.


When looking to hire over 10 people or where hiring is on an ongoing basis, we can help you across your technology organisation providing a more customised managed service.  

Benefits to you

We use our video interview platform to save our customers time and give them better insights before they have even met the candidate in person. We can ask pre-agreed questions to each candidate and then you'll be able to assess and share comments with any stakeholders within your company who may be involved in the hiring process wherever they may be situated. 

Success Story

See how we have helped other customers find the right talent using our proven methodology.

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