Permanent Recruitment

For contingency recruitment on a permanent basis (no win no fee) we will assess our existing network of candidates built up over a decade and use other methods available to us from our pool of candidates from previous searches.

  1. Job Briefing

    We will conduct an in-depth job brief with you either face to face, via video or phone ensuring we have everything we need to attract the right candidates for you.

  2. Attraction

    We will advertise the role across our recruitment network, social channels and candidate database and make proactive approaches to candidates in our network that we believe have the skills and experience required for the role.
  3. Assessment

    We will qualify each candidate against the role against the skills and experience required as well as the motivations to move. We will be assessing not only for capability but also values, behaviours and beliefs to ensure the right culture fit.

  4. Shortlist

    After the assessment stage, we will be shortlisting the candidate list to 3-4 profiles we believe are the best fit for the role.
  5. Presentation

    We will provide that shortlist of candidates together with a cover sheet providing you with the information required to make an informed decision.
  6. Interview Process

    We will hand this over to you but co-ordinate and control the entire interview process ensuring everyone’s availability for the interview times regardless of time zones and ensure everything has a calendar invitation for each stage.

  7. Offer stage

    We will work with you and present the offer to the candidate and look to pre-close the candidate or report back to you on any objections. Once an offer is accepted we will guide the candidate through the resignation process working with them up until the start date and then staying close to them for the first 12 weeks and helping them overcome any issues they may have.

    We will work with your internal HR team to ensure our service is conducted on-brand as well as adhering to any compliance, equality and diversity policies. In effect, you’ll be getting a temporary in-house recruitment team who will work alongside you to ensure a successful outcome for you.

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