10 relaxing things to do in the holidays

Published on : 15th July 2021

10 relaxing things to do in the holidays

If you are taking some well deserved time off over the next few weeks and can get away from the kids for a few hours (if you have any), then here are 10 relaxing and cost-effective activities for you to try.

1/ Read a book

Reading is one of the most relaxing pastimes that there is. Reading takes you into another world and will cause you to be totally immersed in the author's story. There are books for all tastes (romantic, fact, fiction, historic, political etc) and many charity shops have a fantastic range of books at very reasonable prices. Also, going for a good old browse for a book can also be part of the fun!

2/ Listen to music

We all have some favourite music tracks that take us back to some golden days and music stirs emotions like nothing else. Search for those favourite tracks online or dig out those old CDs and vinyl. Whether it's punk, heavy metal, classical or country, take a few hours and really spoil yourself!

3/ Go for a walk

Getting outdoors and near nature is great for relaxation and is a real remedy for the hustle and bustle of life. Appreciate the colours of the trees, feel the breeze on your face and for me, if you can get near water (you will be surprised how close your local lake, river or canal is), even better. If you can go with a friend or group that's great, walking and chatting is a super way to spend quality time for yourself and your friends. Oh yes, and of course is a good way to keep fit!

4/ Do some crosswords and puzzles

Doing puzzles is good for the brain and means your brain is so absorbed it totally switches off from the regular stresses and strains of normal life. I have also heard there is a big resurgence in adult colouring which is meant to be extremely relaxing, so why not give it a try!

5/ Make some phone calls and just chat

Make some time and phone somebody out of the blue whom you have not been in contact with for a while. No reason, just to chat. They will no doubt be delighted and it could rekindle a lovely friendship. It is even more valuable if they are elderly or live alone, your call and consideration might be a real tonic for them.

6/ Declutter

Remember that bookcase with all that stuff that hasn't been touched in ages? It might be time to have a good old clear out. Decluttering is also great to clear the mind and can give a great sense of satisfaction. You might also be able to take much of the good to charity, which will make you feel even better!

7/ Get out in the garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, chances are that you have been too busy to give it the love it deserves recently. Get out there and clear those borders, trim back the hedges and give the grass a treat of a 'weed n feed'!

8/ Make time for hobbies

Maybe you used to play an instrument, were quite good at painting or liked to write, well, why not get back to it! Set aside some time to rediscover your talents or of course, even learn some new ones. Learning is proven to be good for the brain and also good for our well-being.

9/ Do some DIY

Maybe not everybody's cup of tea, but doing some of those DIY jobs that have been hanging around for ages will give a great sense of achievement. Who would have thought painting those radiators, refelting the shed roof and cleaning the patio could be so enjoyable!

10/ Write a letter or send a card

Remember writing letters? There was a time when letters were our main way to keep connected with family and friends, but now practically totally replaced with email, social media and the phone. But what about taking the time to write some letters? Image how pleased you would be to receive a letter - the feeling will no doubt be reciprocated by your loved ones. Why not give it a try?