4 Novel Ways to Reward People in your Team

Published on : 12th October 2023

4 Novel Ways to Reward People in your Team

Building a successful team transcends borders and cultures. Rewarding your team for their hard work and dedication is a universal practice that fosters motivation and positivity. While traditional rewards have their place, consider these four novel ways to reward your team members with a  different approach.


Cultural Cuisine Celebrations


Embrace the richness of diversity within your team by organising cultural cuisine celebrations. Each month, get team members to take turns to share an easy cook recipe from their cultural background. The others then have a go at preparing it. The following month, get them to share their culinary experience, mistakes and all! This promotes inclusivity, fosters cultural awareness, and provides an opportunity for team members to bond over shared experiences and culinary adventures.


Team Book Club


Most people love a good book! Consider starting a team or departmental book club. Gift each team member a book token where they can select a book that aligns with their interests or professional development. Encourage regular meetings to discuss the chosen books, fostering intellectual growth and camaraderie among your team.


Wellness and Fitness Support


Prioritise the well-being of your team by providing wellness and fitness incentives. Offer gym memberships, online yoga classes, or meditation app subscriptions. Encourage healthy habits that can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress, regardless of geographical location.
Encourage them to contribute a healthy tip of the month to share amongst the group!


Volunteer Initiatives


Promote social responsibility by organising team volunteer initiatives. Encourage your team members to contribute to their local communities through volunteering or supporting charitable causes. Many of these can be online challenges and this global approach demonstrates your company's commitment to making a positive impact on a wider scale.


Reward your team with novel approaches that transcend cultural boundaries and contribute to a positive work environment. Remember, a well-rewarded and appreciated team is a cornerstone of success for any organisation.