5 hacks to get the best out of Microsoft OneDrive

Published on : 14th June 2022

5 hacks to get the best out of Microsoft OneDrive

5 hacks to get the best out of Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is an outstanding cloud-based storage solution for businesses. It offers fantastic security features and unfettered access to the cloud. But many of us that are using OneDrive are not getting the most out of it. There is so much more to it than simply dragging and dropping files into a OneDrive Folder.

Here we look at 5 hacks for getting the best out of Microsoft OneDrive.

1. Accessing from multiple locations

Whenever you log into your Office account, a corresponding OneDrive folder is created in your File Explorer. You can also access OneDrive from the Microsoft Office website, enabling you to access specific files from your OneDrive even when you don't have access to your physical computer.

2. Using the 'Search' function

The search function can be used for OneDrive whether you are in your own file explorer or logged into the website. In File Explorer, when inside your OneDrive folder, the search bar is at the top-right of the window. On the website, the search bar is in the top centre of the screen. In both cases, it will help you instantly locate folders or files within OneDrive to speed up your processes.

3. Making files available offline

Files that are stored on the OneDrive cloud can be made available offline in case you find yourself without access to WiFi. Simply find the file/folder you want to be available offline in your OneDrive folder and right-click, then select 'Always keep on this device'. Any changes that you make while working offline will be synced to your OneDrive the next time you connect to the internet.

4. Sharing OneDrive files or folders

While your OneDrive cloud storage is private to you, it is possible to invite other people to view and interact with files and folders in your OneDrive. Simply locate the file or folder you wish to share and right-click, then select 'Share' and choose the sharing option that works for you.

5. Upload files from your phone

OneDrive can be accessed from mobile devices via the app. Once you have downloaded it and signed in, you can either use the '+' symbol within the app to select files to upload, or you can find the files and 'share' them to your OneDrive app to upload them to the cloud.


OneDrive is a feature-rich, powerful and secure cloud storage solution that is a fantastic tool. The tips listed above can easily be incorporated into your usage of the solution and they will enhance the benefits you get out of it.