5 hacks to get the best out of Microsoft SharePoint

Published on : 15th June 2022

5 hacks to get the best out of Microsoft SharePoint

Many companies have been missing out on the several advantages of one component of the Office 365 Suite - SharePoint. As the name suggests, SharePoint is made to execute file sharing both inside and outside an organisation, but that's only the tip of the iceberg for collaboration and productivity. Here, we look at five hacks to get the best out of Microsoft SharePoint for your business.

1. Manage documents without folders

One of the main advantages of SharePoint is having an in-built document management system. It's easier to track and make changes to a document even after a long time. It’s also easier to attach edits and changes either by you or other colleagues in the organisation, which is a more effective and efficient way of tracking a document.

2. Create a portal for internal and external communications

SharePoint can help you avoid losing the company's communication in email boxes. With SharePoint, you can create a portal-like website that is only accessible to your permanent staff or a contingent workforce. With this portal, you can easily add upcoming schedules, notices or inspections in one place accessible to everyone in the organisation. Departments in the organisation can also create their mini-websites and keep everyone informed on programs, projects, events etc.

3. Keep track of tasks

You can track and assign tasks to colleagues with SharePoint. The task will automatically show the team's to-do list once you create it. The tasks can be linked to projects, so it will be easier to determine which projects are still in progress and which ones are completed. Additionally, SharePoint will be able to send out notifications each time you assign tasks to your team members.

4. Maintain easy workflow management

It's easier to manage workflows and automate task processes with SharePoint. SharePoint has inbuilt workflows ready to use to set up, maintain, and run quickly. You can also write digital signatures, collect and receive feedback, and create different workflow types based on your organisation's needs.

5. Establish a company Wiki

SharePoint can create a company Wiki to be used as a knowledge base in the company. It can also be used as an electronic handbook for new staff or during recruitment. A new member can read the handbook and signify that they have finished with a digital signature. You can also use company Wikis to provide training materials for team members, clients or partners, and you can password-protect your content to make it more secure.

Efficient use of SharePoint should always be your goal. With a bit of creativity, you can develop many uses of this technology that will make your business run smoothly and efficiently.