5 Ways To Be More Productive In 2024

Published on : 4th January 2024

5 Ways To Be More Productive In 2024

How do you stay productive when you have multiple demands for work coming at you from different stakeholders at the same time? Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not see the wood for the trees. The trick is to frequently pause, take stock and take a bird’s eye view.


Here are five top tips for staying productive in 2024.


Just say no


Many of us just can't say no and our workload just keeps on piling up. When you first receive it, scan each task to see if it feeds into your objectives. If you have no objectives, get some. If your boss asks you to do something that is not in your objectives, sit down with him and review them.

You have limited bandwidth, so you may have to review your objectives to make sure they are realistic. Sometimes you have to be tough and just say no.


Become a list person


Use a daily list. This is a no-brainer. Start with a To-do list of all your activities, which will help you prioritise which to tackle first. Review the list daily and monitor progress including which have been completed and which are new. This will help you prioritise, keep them under control and reduce your stress.


See it - Do it!


Some tasks will require little discussion with others, will be low risk or will not require much time and effort. If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it there and then! Any emails landing in your inbox that you know fit this criterion, then do it there and then, file it away and it’s done.

Don’t just leave it. If you do, all the little 5-minute tasks can pile up and become a much larger, more demanding task.




Firstly, if it is not within your remit, pass to others that it is. Check if you could delegate to a more junior member of your team and let them do the work while you guide them and ensure it’s up to scratch. Don’t forget, this could always be nestled into part of their development program.

Also, lots of tasks can be completed by a third-party supplier, especially if they are repetitive, and need to be done every week or month. Sub-contracting them out may leave you with more time to devote to the more intellectual higher value work.


Take a break


If you are feeling overwhelmed by your workload, Take 5 minutes away from your work. Go for a quick walk, and make a drink for your colleagues (if you have any, they will appreciate it!). 

Try and get some fresh air if possible. It is amazing what the shortest of breaks can do, to make you return both mentally and physically refreshed!


If you abide by these easy-to-follow rules, we are sure you will have a happier and more productive 2024!