Essential Tech Gadgets For Your Next Business Trip

Published on : 11th January 2024

Essential Tech Gadgets For Your Next Business Trip

Although the jury might be out on physical in-house or remote working (with many settling for hybrid working models), one thing is for sure, the world of business travel is opening up again after the pandemic.

If you need to travel on business this year, we take a look at some of those essential gadgets that will make your trip much easier and more productive. 




Laptops are essential when it comes to business travel. Make sure it is light and powerful and make sure the size you choose is suitable for travel and work.


Portable monitor


A portable monitor is a great travel accessory. Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry around, they offer mobility for travel with the right ergonomics of being at a screen for long periods. They can be attached to your device to provide an extra screen while adding a negligible amount of weight to your luggage. 

Slim portable monitors are also super easy to pack in a carry-on, allowing you to be productive on flights and during stopovers.


Noise-cancelling headphones


Airports and hotels can be noisy, distracting places when you are trying to concentrate on a business call. Noise-cancelling headphones are a great fit if you have to dial into important calls, finish a last-minute task, or anytime you want to avoid distractions.

Essential so you can easily tune into work meetings remotely while blocking out the background noise.


Foldable Keyboard 


You can stay productive and reduce strain with a smaller and more portable desktop keyboard that won't weigh you down.

Bluetooth capabilities are a plus, so you don't have to worry about carrying many cords and can easily stay super focused with a less cluttered on-the-go workspace.


Portable hard drive


Being organised is essential for stress-free travel and keeping all your important files and documents structured and on hand can help you focus more on your work. Data is getting more and more cost effective so no need to scrimp on making sure you have enough. 


Portable Mouse


Another gadget that improves ergonomics and makes work more comfortable and healthier. This business travel gadget is essential and doesn't occupy much space either. Again, go for Bluetooth enabled to eliminate the hassle of wires getting tangled or lost during travel.


Mini wi-fi hotspot 


A mini wifi hotspot will ensure that you can always access your emails and other online resources, especially if you’re travelling to a more remote location where wifi may be unreliable or non-existent.

In the case of urgent client calls and last-minute work emergencies, a wifi hotspot can save you from the hassle and keep you connected virtually at all times. 


Privacy screen filter


Business and data are becoming more and more critical and confidentially breaches can have serious consequences. In an airport or hotel lounge, you have no idea who is behind and around you.

However, you can keep the data safe with a privacy screen filter. It’s perfect for shielding personal data while still being able to view your screen. Making you feel much more comfortable.


Power bank


The last thing you need on a business trip is your phone or laptop running out of battery when all your important data is stored.

Make sure to carry a power bank to keep your devices powered while you’re travelling. It’s great as a backup power supply in airports or on flights.



We hope these tips for the best travel gadgets help you work while you travel and arrive more relaxed, and ready for the task ahead!