Have you Coached Your Team to Interview Properly?

Published on : 31st October 2023

Have you Coached Your Team to Interview Properly?

In many interview situations, you will not be able to conduct the first interview for a role in your department.  Sometimes, you will have to involve members of your team.

Whether the first point of contact with a candidate is someone who has never conducted an interview before or someone who hasn't done so in a long time, preparing them for the interview process is crucial. 

This preparation not only enhances you and your company's reputation but also provides candidates with the experience they deserve. Whether they are potential permanent hires or consultants, it is equally important.

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Technical Preparedness

The first point for you to address is how the interview will be conducted. If it’s online, whether it's through Zoom or Teams, ensure that your team members have the necessary information and tools to access the online meeting room.

Technical issues often arise when they haven't received the meeting link or no one has tested it. Make sure your team is well-prepared from your side with all the required details and equipment.

Candidate Briefing

Before the interview, have your team members been briefed about the candidates they will interview? It isn't very comfortable when interviewers don't have the candidate's CV or profile in front of them.

This lack of preparation reflects poorly on your organisation and might put them off. Ensure that they are well informed about the candidates.

Interview Environment

Ensure that your team members are conducting interviews in a quiet and uninterrupted space. Whether working from home or in an office, they should be able to focus on the interview without distractions.

Organisational professionalism is essential in this regard. If the interview isn't well organised, what will the candidate think of the business?

Interview Format and Content

The interview format may vary from one company to another. However, your team must introduce themselves, discuss the role and its challenges, and delve into the candidate's profile.

Moreover, they should inquire about the candidate's relevant successes and experiences related to the job or objectives. Having a structured format is important to keep the interview focused.

Staying on Track

Interviewers should avoid getting sidetracked and talking excessively. Staying focused and adhering to a format and schedule is vital.

It's essential to keep track of time to ensure that both parties can engage in meaningful conversation and that there's time for candidates or consultants to ask questions at the end.

Communicating Next Steps

It's crucial to inform both your team and the candidates about the next steps in the hiring process. This clarity helps manage expectations and keeps everyone informed about what happens next.



Coaching your team to interview properly is a crucial aspect of the hiring process. It not only reflects positively on your company but also provides a fair and professional experience for candidates. It ultimately helps get the right people on board.

Feel free to use this checklist as a reference and to provide it to your team members or colleagues who may benefit from these insights and tips for their next interviews.