How to be a better manager in 5 minutes

Published on : 22nd February 2023

How to be a better manager in 5 minutes

If you're a manager, you're likely aware that managing people isn't always easy. It's not a set of skills that you can master overnight as it takes time, patience and the willingness to learn from your mistakes.

That said, there are some simple things you can do to become a better manager in just five minutes:


Make time to connect personally


The people who you work with are vital to your success as a manager, so take the time to connect personally with your team. There are loads of different ways to do this, such as:

Asking them what they are up to outside of work and finding out about their families.

Sharing stories about your own family with them, or asking them about theirs if you don't know much about it yet.


Be inclusive


Inclusiveness is a core tenet of good management. It means making sure everyone has a voice, and that you're hearing from all sides before making decisions.

It also means being careful not to exclude people by accident, for example, by assuming that someone who doesn't speak up during meetings has nothing valuable to say or isn't paying attention.

Inclusiveness can be difficult if you're in charge of a large group with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but it's important to make an effort to always be inclusive.


Be a role model


There are many ways to be a better manager, but the most important thing is to set the right example. As you lead your team and make decisions, you're creating an environment where your employees and colleagues can succeed. 

The way you behave will have a direct impact on whether or not they feel comfortable approaching you with questions or concerns.


To create trust and respect among your employees, try to be open-minded when someone comes up with new ideas that may not align with what's already in place at work (or even within your own personal preferences). Try not to dismiss them immediately - even if it feels like too much work at first glance!

If you're looking to be a better manager, these tips are a great place to start. You don't need any special training or extensive experience, just time and commitment. 

By putting yourself in the right frame of mind and approaching each situation with care, you'll find that managing others will be much easier than before!