How to become a strategic thinker in 21 days

How to become a strategic thinker in 21 days

The world of work is changing rapidly. Habits are formed over a series of events repeated over and over until they stick. Experts say that usually happens around 21 days (or just a little over four weeks for us with five-day weeks!) That's doable, right? Small actions combined together bring big results. And that's definitely the case for strategic thinking. 

So, where do you start? Read on to find out!

Every time you think of an idea, or a creation for change, think HOLD.

HOW is this going to be implemented to make a real change.

ORDER the journey. What do we do now and what are the steps to get to the bigger, future picture? A clear roadmap is vital.

LEAD the way. Strategic thinking involves leadership. Are you willing to be at the forefront of this decision and be accountable for it?

DEAL breaker - is this choice really going to make a difference, or is it a nice to do?

By using the HOLD method, you can sit back and evaluate your actions from a wider perspective. That's strategic thinking. Outside of the box is encouraged, but broad horizon thinking is critical to strategy.

The HOLD method is just one way you can make a start on your journey to becoming a strategy pro. Set yourself 5 changes to thinking per week and mark it off on a calendar. That's one a day, just over four weeks, 21 days, and there you have it - strategic thinking should become second nature.

Most importantly, make the time for it. Perhaps carve out half an hour each week dedicated to learning about strategy itself and do task-based exercises focused on your main areas of work. Encourage colleagues to get involved so you can become accountable for wanting to become a strategic thinker and inspire others.

Habits lead to permanency and this will only help you in the future with recruitment opportunities and provide conclusive examples of leadership in interviews. Start making those small changes today and you won't think twice about strategic thinking, for strategic thinking will already be a part of you.