How to benefit from a career break

How to benefit from a career break

We’re used to being told that gaps in our CVs look bad in the eyes of recruiters, but has that changed in recent years? At Vine Resources, we’ve been seeing a more diverse pool of professional people taking career breaks, and this can be a positive step in so many ways.

A chance for reflection

Taking a career break can give you the headspace you need to reflect on what you want from life and from your career. For some, this can lead to a complete change in direction. Many people who take a career break decide they don’t want to return to the profession they were in, choosing instead to retrain for something different or strike out on their own and set up their own business. Either way, a career break is a great chance to look at what would satisfy you most and how things could change for the better.

A good time to work on your skills

We all need ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills in the workplace, whatever job we do. Recruitment specialists like to see you have a diverse range of skills, and they’re not always easy to work on when you’re in a permanent job. A career break can help by giving you the time to work on those talents an employer might demand, whether that’s through formal training or simply reading up or practising something in your free time.

A time for family

These days, many of us struggle to find the correct work/life balance, and that can really affect our overall well-being. Employers are more sympathetic than you might think, and most will acknowledge your need to take some time out to focus on other things. Any employer worth their salt knows that a career break may have given an individual an opportunity to recharge their batteries, meaning they will return to the workplace with renewed energy and passion.

Career breaks are becoming more and more commonplace with the old stigma a thing of the past. Attitudes towards career breaks really are changing, and gaps on a CV no longer raise red warning flags to heads of recruitment.