How to build resilience as a leader

Published on : 30th September 2021

How to build resilience as a leader

Resilience is a key attribute that needs to be developed to become a successful leader. It can help you overcome difficult challenges, handle overwhelming situations and make better decisions.

Here, we look at how resilience will make you more effective and help your team obtain better results.


After difficult challenges, it's important to stop and think about the entire process. From execution to delivery, you should consider what made the task difficult, what could have been better and how your team handled the situation. Not only will this develop your resilience to similar future challenges, since you'll know what to expect and how to handle it, it will also ensure that you better understand your team and how they work.

Set solid goals

You need to set clear targets for yourself and your team. This will cultivate a sense of purpose and foster teamwork. When difficult challenges arise you’ll thank yourself for having a roadmap that you can refer back to when making difficult decisions. Targets also ensure that you are operating in an organised manner.

Develop problem-solving skills

You'll find that every successful leader has good problem-solving skills. That's why they're leaders in the first place. The more you practice and nurture this skill, the easier it'll become to handle tough situations. You'll grow resilient to the volatile nature of business and you won't be overwhelmed, which can cloud judgment and lead to bad decisions.

Stay up-to-date

The business world is constantly changing, shut your eyes for too long and you'll soon be out of the loop. Not only are there advancements in technology, but there are also constantly new ways of doing things in all aspects of company life, such as how interviews are conducted.

As a leader, it's important to stay current and ensure that you âre on top of new developments, which will make you more open to change.