How to demonstrate confidence in an interview

Published on : 6th December 2022

How to demonstrate confidence in an interview

Confidence is key to success in an interview and it's something that can be prepared for before you even walk into the room. From knowing your resume inside out, practising answers and understanding what the employer wants to hear, there are many ways you can show off your confidence during an interview.


Prepare your own questions for the interview


Prepare a list of three to five questions that show why you're interested in the role and what you can bring to the table. Use these questions as a way to build rapport, ask about the company and its culture, ask about the position itself, and also ask about your interviewer's background. Ask questions that demonstrate curiosity but also show that you've done your research on their company or industry (this shows them how much time and effort you've put into preparing for this interview).


Anticipate some potential questions and rehearse your responses


When you're preparing for an interview, it's important to anticipate some potential questions and practise your responses. This can be helpful in a variety of ways:

• It'll help you stay calm during the interview.

• You'll have more confidence when speaking about your strengths and experiences.

• You'll feel more comfortable answering questions because you know what to expect—and how to answer them well.

You may want to consider getting advice from others before going into interviews as well (for example, if someone has experience working at the company or industry). They could give insight into what types of questions might come up during an interview and how best to answer them effectively.


Provide specific examples


The best way to demonstrate confidence in your abilities is by providing specific examples of how you have used them before. This isn't just about saying that you are good at something—it's about explaining why, and showing the interviewer that no matter what comes up in their company or department, you can handle it.



If you prepare and practice, confidence during an interview is a natural by-product of doing what you do best. In the end, it's all about staying positive and being yourself. Having this foundation will give you enough confidence to shine during the interview and present the best version of yourself to prospective organisations.