How to maintain your career with kids

Published on : 31st May 2022

How to maintain your career with kids

There is no doubt that having children is an amazing thing and brings so much magic into your life. It must be said though that they can add extra pressure to certain parts of it too! This is certainly true for your career, as managing your role at work whilst also caring for children is still a major challenge for many. For this reason, it is becoming clear that a new approach is needed.

But how can you focus on your career, raise your children and make it all work? 

Take advantage of childcare

One very useful tip to think about is making full use of the various childcare options which might be available. Although you might feel a little uneasy about other people looking after your children, it should be fine as long as you choose a provider who is qualified and experienced.

It is also crucial to find a solution that fits your and your children's needs best. For some people this could be a nursery, for others it might be relying on family members to help or you might even hire a live-in nanny.

Search for a suitable job

We spend a lot of time at work and it is therefore vital to find a job which you enjoy. If you follow a career path that excites you, you will find it much easier to balance your role with your children's needs. If you work in a job you hate though, you will soon feel down and this will not help you juggle all your responsibilities successfully.

It is also key to look at finding jobs that are flexible in terms of working hours. This will mean you can fit work in around your children's needs (such as dropping them off at school or at childcare), without any hassle.

Know your rights

There is a whole raft of employment laws around working parents now and being aware of it is very useful. Taking the time to know your rights will help you set the right balance between work and home.

It will also ensure you can follow your career without your employer using the fact you have children to look after against you. If you have an issue in this area, it is best to speak with your employer first to resolve.