How to manage conflict in your team

How to manage conflict in your team

Conflicts are inevitable in any work environment but can damage productivity enormously, so when a heated disagreement does break out, it's important to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Read our tips and guidance that will help to diffuse and solve any office grievances to get your team back on track.

Stay calm and communicate effectively

It's all too easy to flip off the handle and get angry when conflict occurs between employees, but this will not help the situation and may even make it worse. Staying calm will help to defuse the situation and means that you can then talk to the people involved in the dispute to find out what the issue is. Communication is key to understanding and resolving conflict and employees are more likely to want to talk to you about their issues if you talk to them in a rational and calm manner. This also means that you will be seen as being more trustworthy to them.

Act as a neutral mediator

Whilst it may be hard to stay neutral in a situation involving your team, it is important to try and stay as impartial as possible. Listening to both sides of a story and acting as a mediator will help your staff discuss their issues with you and means they will feel more comfortable doing so, trusting that you are not being biased. This can help to control the situation and prevent it from getting any worse. Remember to keep any discussions about the issue itself, instead of pointing the finger and making it personal, as this can make things worse.

Try and prevent conflict from occurring in the first place

Whilst it isn't always possible to prevent conflict completely, there are several things you can do to try and avert future disagreements. Make sure you set boundaries from the off - hiring people depending on how you think they will fit within the team is also an idea to consider. Conducting team-building exercises and making sure your team have good interactions with each other will help to prevent disputes, ultimately helping to reduce conflict in the workplace altogether.

By utilising these tips, you can manage conflict with your team, which will inevitably help your business perform better in the future.