How to prove you deserve promotion when working remotely

How to prove you deserve promotion when working remotely

While if you're a graphic designer or a content writer pumping out high profile work might not be a problem, not every role and the work involved is so apparent. If your position involves behind-the-scenes leg work or time-consuming communications with suppliers your superiors might not understand exactly what you're putting in.

Read on for some ways to ensure you stay front and centre when you're out of the office.

Keep your role visible

To prove you've earned that promotion, don't wait to be noticed, but get organised and take ownership of your role. Reinforce your achievements with managers by taking a new level of responsibility and getting the right results. 

Don't underestimate the value to the management of someone they can rely on to make things happen whether they're being watched or not. Track your progress and email whatever you've ticked off the list as a side note when you wish your manager a great weekend.

Boost your team

Network with your colleagues and help keep the team motivated with praise when it's well-earned and you'll probably find it's reciprocated. Being a driving force in creating a positive atmosphere can't be underestimated as a quality sought after by employers, and a reputation for leading is likely to get you noticed as a key staff member.

Embrace technology and take charge

Finally, remote working is seeing companies increasingly depend on the latest tech for communication and collaboration. If your enterprise is adopting new solutions to streamline the way it works, lead the charge, and become an expert. There is a wealth of information online plus plenty of courses that will get you up to speed swiftly.

Not everyone takes to technology so easily and you can soon become the go-to contact for not just fellow team members but upper management as well.

Remember no company wants to hand out promotions without a return, so create some value and reap the rewards. While working from home offers plenty of independence it must never stunt your progress. Develop your team and new skills, take control while remaining on the radar and the recognition you seek won't be far away.