How to Reset When the Job Hunt Gets Tough

Published on : 6th June 2024

How to Reset When the Job Hunt Gets Tough

The job search can feel more like a slog through the trenches than a brisk jaunt to career fulfilment. It's a rollercoaster – exhilarating interviews followed by the gut-punch of rejection emails. When the going gets tough, it's easy to feel discouraged. Sometimes, stepping back and hitting reset is the key to reigniting your motivation and landing the perfect position.
Recognising When You Need a Breather

But how do you know when it's time to down tools and recharge? Here's a look at the warning signs:

  • Constant Cack: Every rejection feels like a personal attack.
  • Burnout at the Buzzy End of the Line: You can't muster the energy to trawl through job boards or prepare for interviews.
  • Doubting Your Dorset Knobs: You start questioning your skills and experience.
  • Taking a Strategic Pause

Hitting reset isn't surrender, it's self-preservation. It's about coming back stronger. Here's how to take a strategic pause:

Acknowledge Your Feelings: It's alright to feel disheartened. Feel it, then move on.
Reassess Your Pitch: Is your CV tip-top? Are you targeting the right sorts of firms? Take stock and adapt your approach.
Pamper Yourself Rotten: Get your eight hours, eat your greens, and get some exercise. Do things that make you feel good.
Rejuvenating Activities for Your Reset

  • Digital Detox: Disconnect from job boards and social media for a spell.
  • Reconnect with Your Mates: Spend time with supportive friends and family.
  • Learn Something New: Take a course or workshop to buff up your skillset.
  • Volunteer Your Time: Give back to the community and boost your spirits.
  • Embrace Your Passions: Pursue hobbies that bring you joy and melt away the stress.
  • Relaunching the Search Refreshed

After your reset, you'll be back with renewed vim and focus. Here's how to relaunch:

  • Revisit Your Goals: Remind yourself of your objectives and why you're on the hunt.
  • Revamp Your CV: Make your skills shine and tailor them to specific roles
  • Network Like a Pro: Connect with people in your field and attend industry shindigs.
  • Stay Positive: Focus on your strengths and imagine yourself nailing that interview.

The job hunt might be a marathon, but you don't have to run it blindfolded. By taking a break, focusing on yourself, and coming back with a fresh perspective, you'll be well on your way to landing the right next role.