How to rock that interview

How to rock that interview

A new role might be one of your goals for 2022 and landing that job one of your top priorities. However, even in a candidate-driven market, you'll still be up against stiff competition for the top roles. You will need more to stand out in the interview to make them realise you are the best fit for the role.

Here are some tips to be your best at the interview.


Be prepared


This is a pre-interview tip, but a very important one nonetheless. Take some time before the interview to learn about the industry. Research industry trends so you can speak knowledgeably about working in this field. Also, read up on the company, paying special attention to the people who will be interviewing you. This information will help you connect with the interviewers during the meeting.


Be confident and enthusiastic


Your attitude from the beginning of the interview should exude confidence and enthusiasm. Offer a firm handshake and a sincere smile to the interviewers, sit with good posture, and maintain a professional tone. While showing excitement is a good thing, avoid being excessively jovial as this may come across as disingenuous or too nervous.


Prepare for the inevitable question


Every candidate dreads the inevitable moment when the interviewer asks, "Tell us about yourself and why we should hire you." Most people have difficulty answering this question, but this is an opportunity for you to promote yourself and impress your interviewers. Expand on your skills and character and share relevant experiences in a concise but informative manner.


Be honest and humble


While it is tempting to prove how qualified you are and how much you know, admitting you don't know something can be attractive to interviewers. Expressing a willingness to learn is even more appealing because it proves that you're a driven and motivated team member.


Mirror your interviewer


Mirroring helps you build an instant rapport with the interviewer. This technique is not mimicking but rather adapting to the interviewer's body language and style. For example, if your interviewer uses gestures and has high energy while talking, express the same level of liveliness. If they are calm and measured, do not be too over-enthusiastic. That said, remember to only mirror positive dispositions. If your interviewer seems irritated, remain positive and amicable.