How to run meetings your team will love

How to run meetings your team will love

Weekly meetings are an essential part of catching up, however, they aren’t always a popular part of the working week. If you find that you don’t enjoy them, and your team isn’t engaged, then you need to look at how you can make your meetings more well-run and productive. Read on to find some tips for how to run more effective and enjoyable weekly meetings.

Plan it out

Planning out an agenda, how long the meeting will be, and exactly what will be covered is essential. You can collaborate on this with other staff members to ensure you cover the important points from the previous week - without leaving anyone out.

Include remote workers

Now more than ever, you need to consider your remote workers. Anyone who is working from home should be brought in on a video platform so that they can feel included.

Give your team clarity

Before the meeting takes place, you should send out an agenda making it clear what will and will not be covered - including shared successes and issues. This sets expectations and can keep the meeting controlled.

Don’t make it all work

At the start of your meeting, leave a few minutes for colleagues to catch up and be more social than work-focused - this will automatically warm them up.

Encourage support

Inside your meeting, you want to create a safe space for employees to share their concerns or questions. Letting them speak and collaborate with you and each other can make the meeting more engaging, and create a culture of peer-to-peer support rather than competition.

Keep it up

The key to weekly meetings is consistency. You don’t want to skip weeks and leave your team unsure of how to proceed. The date and order of the meeting should be flexible but largely similar so that it becomes a routine that people expect, not something inconvenient.

With these tips, you will be able to create meetings that encourage more engagement and collaboration.