How to smash your personal goals in 2022

Published on : 13th January 2022

How to smash your personal goals in 2022

Personal goals are about making lasting improvements. Setting goals has a positive influence on your outlook and can help you achieve just about anything.
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For many of us, this is the time of year when we start to think about our goals. And before we do that, one of the things I find actually really useful is to look at my goals from the year before. Sometimes I have achieved them, sometimes I haven't and I break them down generally into three areas, personal goals, family goals and business goals. 

Often, before I start thinking about goals for next year, I think about if I achieved the goals for last year and what do I need to do to reset and start again for this year. So have a look at those to-do lists, have a look at the goals that you had, and just clear them out, some you will have achieved, which is fantastic, others, well maybe they just weren't important enough for you to achieve.

Get rid of all those activities, all those micro-goals that you were working on throughout the year and start again with a blank piece of paper. Sure keep them to one side, but I find it works really well to let them go because you probably didn't take the time to achieve them anyway and other things got in the way as it does in life.

So I keep things really simple, as I said, I focus on my top three personal goals for the year, what do I want to achieve for myself, what do I want to achieve for my family and friends and what do I want to achieve for my business and career.

What are you going to do to achieve those goals? What are the micro-steps, the activities? These might be big goals, they might be huge goals, they might be small goals but you might have to do some activities throughout the year to achieve these goals.

Write your goals down and what I would suggest is to share them with others, with other people you trust, who you feel comfortable with sharing those goals. This will reinforce the message for you on what you need to achieve and what you need to do.

When you have written them down, put them up somewhere at home. It will help you to reinforce your commitment to your goals to look at them every week, every month to make sure you are working towards getting these goals.

Being accountable

Being accountable for your goals is really important, and by sharing them with others you are going to be reinforcing that accountability. That is something you want to achieve for yourself and for those around you and it's really going to help you.

Taking baby steps and celebrating small wins

Taking baby steps is key in this game, often you might think that a goal is too big to achieve or that goal is going to be hard work. In this case, you just need to break it down, what is it that you want to achieve at the end of the day, how can you break that down into little steps. It might be that it takes a whole year to do one task, so could you break that down into monthly steps? Is that something that you have to work on during the working week? Is there something that you might have to give up and put into that Saturday or Sunday? You might have to sacrifice some things, some social or other activities to achieve that goal but if you don't put that time in you are never going to achieve it. It might be worth adding to your calendar or your to-do list,

Rewarding yourself

Give yourself a reward for achieving those goals, it could be that you reward yourself for achieving a micro activity, one of those small steps that it is going to take to achieve those goals. Often that goal might be huge and might be difficult to attain in the short term. But if those micro activities, those small steps that you take every day to get closer to that goal, maybe you could look back in January and say these are the activities that I achieved in month one to get towards that goal and give yourself a reward. 

Of course, that reward does not have to be financial, it could just be giving yourself time off, time to do an activity, that you haven't done or perhaps have sacrificed to achieve that goal. This is a great time of year to think about what you want to achieve, so grab that piece of paper and write down your goals, make sure you have cleared the decks and got rid of everything, that's related to last year, it's gone and it's finished. You have to focus on the here and now, moving forward.

Using the Microsoft 'To Do' application

One thing that I use that works really well for me is the Microsoft 'To Do' list, you can download it on your phone, your desktop and you can sync it. The 'To do' list is great because it comes back to those micro activities that you might need to do to achieve those larger goals. You can split these up by personal goals, family goals and work goals. I find it works really well and by the time you have completed it you just press a button to complete the task!

Clear things out, start from fresh, focus on the goals, and I really wish you a tremendous start to 2022 and all the success you deserve.