How To Speak So People Want To Listen

Published on : 29th January 2024

How To Speak So People Want To Listen

From delivering a presentation at work to having a casual conversation with a colleague, the way individuals speak can have a massive impact. Many say the human voice is the most powerful instrument in the world. But speaking in a manner that people take notice of isn't easy. 


Here are some tips to make people truly listen to what you say.

Be Authentic And Honest


This means getting real and being yourself. Bringing more of who you are to your audience works. Be human, have a conversation, tell stories to bring your content to life and so the audience can relate to you.


Less Is More


People don’t listen when there is just too much talking and too much detail included. Those who talk the most tend to get listened to the least. This is because mindless irrelevant detail gives very little value.


Nobody would want to waste their time listening to someone who isn’t conveying anything of value in their content. Cut the chat and focus on the important stuff.


Remove Distractions From The Environment


You might notice that if people don't listen to someone it could be because they are competing for attention and are losing out.


Make sure that there are no distractions, and that you will have everybody's attention to ensure they have the opportunity to engage.


Watch Your Body Language


Much of communication is nonverbal. Don’t just think about the words you are delivering but the whole communication experience. Yes, volume, tone and pace are important but also be confident in your body language.


The impact of body language and how you present yourself to your audience makes a huge difference in how you are received.

Build Relationships With Those Around You


Most of the people you will speak with will be within your organisation. Make the time to make personal relationships with individuals around you. Because you’ve taken the time to get to know people, they will listen to you. This relationship will earn credibility with them.


Don’t Be Negative


Being negative, cynical or personal will not position you as an authority or a leader. It may make people switch off. Blaming others will also not be productive. A positive outlook is much more likely to bring people with you, get your message across and make it stick.



We hope these simple tips will help you be heard and make your communication more effective in getting the results you want.