How to Spot an Upward Move in Your Organisation

Published on : 17th October 2023

How to Spot an Upward Move in Your Organisation

You might sometimes consider looking for an upward move in your organisation, but you might often find that you are not even aware of the opportunities available to you.

This means you may miss out on that key opportunity and suddenly find you’re reporting to a new manager who has what could have been your role!   We understand the importance of recognising and seizing these unpublicised chances for advancement.

To help you navigate this landscape effectively, we have put together some insights about how to spot and capitalise on upward internal moves and what actions you could take.


Building Relationships with Key Stakeholders


One of the key strategies for identifying internal opportunities is to proactively build relationships with key stakeholders within your organisation. By networking carefully and over the long term, you may be able to leverage opportunities that may not be publicly advertised.

Remember, sometimes discreet internal searches are conducted when there is a need to fill a role urgently or confidentially.   Even if a role is due to be publicly advertised, having those relationships in place might give you access early and have a ‘first mover’ advantage!


Navigating the Organisational Politics


Success in identifying upward moves also involves understanding the intricate web of organisational politics. Not everyone you interact with will be a friendly ally and it's important to identify potential foes who might hinder your progress.

By mastering the art of corporate diplomacy, you have a chance to navigate these challenges effectively.


Showcasing Your Value


Your personal brand and track record matter significantly when it comes to getting noticed for promotions. Demonstrate your success, achievements, and contributions within your organisation.

Highlight any awards or recognition you've received, and ensure that your results speak for themselves.