Integrating new people successfully into your team

Published on : 29th September 2022

Integrating new people successfully into your team

Hiring new team members can be an exciting time - they bring with them new skills and knowledge to help you achieve the best in productivity and progression. Along with training, ensuring new people are integrated successfully is one of the most important parts of settling them in. Read on to discover how!

Begin onboarding early

If you are beginning your onboarding process on a new staff member’s first day of work, then you have missed out on a lot of valuable time! Touching base with them before they start work is a great way to integrate them more seamlessly - this doesn’t all have to be formal, either. Asking questions about their personal preferences (like a coffee order or lunch break schedule), as well as explaining things such as directions, parking, and what they will be doing on their first day can assuage anxiety.

Encourage an open environment

Integrating a staff member won’t happen overnight, so make sure they feel happy about asking questions and that no one expects them to rush their learning. Ensure that the workload a new employee is taking on can be covered by others so that they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Set your expectations

Being unclear about your company culture and expectations can cause new hires to feel lost, confused, and out of the loop. Be clear about what their work entails, how it feeds into other elements of your company, and what their daily schedule will look like.

Involve your whole team

Training and integration shouldn’t fall to just the team manager or HR professional. Get your whole team involved in integrating your new staff member. This can mean everyone provides a little training or invites them to get coffee. By making initial introductions to everyone and encouraging communication, you can look forward to an easier settling-in period.

Building a high-performing team can feel like a challenge, but with these steps, you can bring new members into your established team in a careful and proactive way that really works.