Is long term sickness impacting your team?

Published on : 5th April 2023

Is long term sickness impacting your team?

We understand that your people are your most important asset. However, we are also hearing that long-term sickness is having a significant impact on the productivity and morale of teams in many companies.


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Here are some of the ways long-term sickness could be impacting your team:


Decreased productivity


When a key team member is absent due to long-term sickness, it can be difficult to replace their skills and expertise, leading to a decrease in productivity. Additionally, the remaining team members may need to spend more time coordinating and adjusting to the absent member's absence, which can further slow down the team's progress.


Increased workload


The added responsibilities and workload of covering for an absent team member can lead to overwork and burnout among the remaining team members. They may also feel like they are working in a vacuum without the support and expertise of their absent colleague.


Stress and anxiety


The uncertainty and lack of control associated with a team member's long-term sickness can create anxiety and stress for everyone involved. The sick team member may worry about their job security and feel like they are not contributing to the team, while their colleagues may feel anxious about the impact of the absence on the team and the organisation's goals. These feelings can lead to low morale and tension among team members.


A possible solution


We understand that finding a replacement for long-term sick team members can be challenging. That's where contractors come in. They are available with short lead times, hit the ground running, and are used to short-term contracts that can be extended. This flexibility allows you to cover the sick team member's workload without affecting your team's productivity.


Here are some of the benefits of using contractors to address long-term sickness:


Specialised skills and expertise


Contractors bring specialised skills and expertise that your team may not possess, which can be valuable in filling the gap left by an absent team member. They can offer new perspectives, best practices, and insights that can help the team to perform better.


Motivated to perform and deliver results


Contractors are often highly motivated to perform and deliver results in a short amount of time because their reputation and future job prospects depend on it. This motivation can translate into high-quality work that benefits the team and the organisation as a whole.


Flexibility to scale up or down swiftly


One of the biggest advantages of using contractors is the flexibility they provide. When a team member is absent due to long-term sickness, a contractor can be hired to fill the gap quickly, without the need for a lengthy hiring process.


Contractors can be used for short or long periods as needed, allowing teams to scale up or down swiftly depending on their needs. This flexibility can also be especially useful in situations where the workload fluctuates, or when there are changes in project scope or timelines.



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