Managing a remote team effectively

Managing a remote team effectively

The world of work is changing rapidly and more and more of us are now working remotely. This way of working isn't for everyone and some find it a struggle to get used to not being in the office. Managers have a big role to play in helping staff perform at their best while working remotely and a key part of this is making use of soft skills.

Read on to find out the top 5 skills needed for managing remote working effectively.

Soft skills are attributes like time management, communication and leadership. An individual's soft skills are important for success, but they are often overlooked. For remote working to be successful, managers need to be able to communicate clearly, manage workloads effectively and collaborate with employees on joint work projects.

The top 5 soft skills for effectively managing remote working are listed below:

1. Problem-solving

Use your knowledge and skills to work through problems with your staff that might arise and come up with solutions that can help them perform at their best.

2. Teamwork

Even though everyone is working remotely, it's still important to foster a sense of teamwork. Try to reiterate that if someone doesn't get their work done, it falls to others to pick up the pieces.

3. Communication

This can be written or verbal (e.g. email or video calls), but it's important you communicate with colleagues like you normally would keep that flow of communication open.

4. Work ethic

It's impossible to keep checking whether everyone is on track with their workload, so it is crucial you encourage a good work ethic by leading by example. Make sure staff know they can come to you with any issues or questions they have about their work too.

5. Flexibility

You must remember to be as flexible as possible when working remotely. Although it's important that everything gets done, you need to consider other factors like childcare as well.

In conclusion, there are a number of skills that managers must be able to demonstrate to help remote teams perform at their best. Remote working isn't for everyone, but if a flexible approach can be taken and a willingness is shown, it can be done successfully.