Moving from a Business Analyst to a Product Manager

Published on : 29th June 2022

Moving from a Business Analyst to a Product Manager

If you are a business analyst looking to take the next step in your career, then the natural move is into the role of product manager. But what is the difference between a business analyst and a product manager, and how can you move from one role to the other? We explore it in more detail.

What is business analysis?

Business analysis refers to a role wherein you will be analysing the process of your company. This includes your systems and technology, and how these work with the overall business model. As a business analyst, you help a company to improve through careful and detailed analysis of data. In order to do this, you will be good at communicating, with an analytical mindset and creative skills to come up with new processes.

What is product management?

Product management is more specialised than the role of a business analyst. In this role, you will be developing specific products, creating strategies around a product and launching it. You need to keep excellent communication skills and have the technical backing to be able to understand engineering. However, you will also be required to be skilled in marketing and able to think through every element of developing a product.

How can you make the move?

As you can see, there is a fair amount of crossover in the skill sets needed in both these roles - hence why a business analyst often finds themselves naturally progressing into product management. When making the transition, it's important to make sure you have developed your understanding of products, user experience, and the market as it stands. You will also need to be more customer-focused than business-focused, and understanding the full scope of a product roadmap is essential. In some cases, you may benefit from moving to a smaller company or startup to develop your skills on the job.