New security threats due to working from home

New security threats due to working from home

Working from home has been highly beneficial for many employees - the flexibility and freedom it has afforded has meant that remote or hybrid working is now the new normal. However, there are several new security threats that have appeared now that we are working from home. We take a closer look at these worrying developments below.

Open WiFi networks

When you are working from an office, the WiFi network that all employees use will most likely be carefully secured, password-protected, and monitored by an on-site IT team. However, when employees work from home, they may have an open WiFi network which can leave their information, especially if it is cloud-based, vulnerable to hackers.

Devices without proper security

Office-based workers might not be aware that in many cases, their entire network is secured using a VPN or similar - they would also usually be working from only one laptop or desktop PC. When working from home, employees might be switching between their work laptop, personal computer, tablet and smartphone, and if these devices are unsecured, the data they hold is also in danger.

Unsafe file sharing

If employees are all working remotely, they will often be sharing files both in a cloud-based system and via email. Unless these files are encrypted, they can be accessed by hackers, so providing training on this is essential.

Exposure to hackers and phishing

There was an explosion of new cybercrime as people began working from home at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and this trend has continued. Emails and phone calls claiming to be medical bodies can be dangerous, and if employees are not properly trained in new cyber crimes and scams, this can leave them especially vulnerable.

Moving from a secure office facility to working from home is challenging, but with the right training and awareness, these threats can be handled easily.