Preparing For Your Next Steering Committee Meeting

Published on : 1st March 2024

Preparing For Your Next Steering Committee Meeting

In the world of commerce and business, you have likely worked on projects that have utilised a steering committee. A steering committee is a group of key stakeholders and decision-makers who are responsible for providing oversight, guidance, and support for a specific project throughout its lifecycle.

Here are some tips to help you make your next one a success!


Identifying Key Stakeholders


The first action you should take in preparing for a successful steering committee meeting is to identify the key stakeholders and establish an understanding of their perspectives and motives as they relate to your project.


Pre-Read Content


Before engaging directly with the steering committee, you should develop and share a pre-read that provides context for the upcoming meeting. This is achieved by organizing a clear agenda and providing a deliverable with background information that gets their thoughts flowing. 


How Much Information Should be Shared?  


When sharing a pre-read, striking a balance between a high-level overview and a greater amount of detail is crucial. Overloading the steering committee with excessive detail in the pre-read can overwhelm them.


Project Update


As mentioned, it is always important to provide a brief update to the committee that presents the project’s progress and any new challenges that have been identified. This update should be brief so that you can effectively shift the focus of the meeting to seeking help and guidance on the most critical issues of the project. 




To ensure that stakeholders understand the presented information, it is essential to follow up with actions after the meeting. This step allows for clarifications, additional discussions, and updates on new information that may have arisen.


Overcoming Challenges


Despite careful preparation, conflicts may arise during the steering committee meeting. When disagreements occur, handling them with tact and empathy is crucial. Make sure the involved stakeholders feel heard and that their opinions matter. This can help de-escalate tense situations and foster a sense of collaboration.


Preparing for a successful steering committee meeting involves several crucial steps. By following these guidelines, project leaders can foster collaboration, make informed decisions, and ensure the project’s overall success.