Rolling out an effective wellbeing strategy for your team

Published on : 19th February 2020

Rolling out an effective wellbeing strategy for your team

Until recently, employee wellbeing was not something that companies took into account or even considered important. As society becomes increasingly attuned to issues surrounding mental health, however, a vast number of business leaders are rolling out well-being strategies to help employees make the most of their time at work and, indeed, to improve productivity.

If you're looking for ways to boost feelings of engagement and fulfilment amongst your team, we have a few tips below that could be implemented as part of an effective well-being strategy:

Encourage employees to socialise regularly

Perhaps unsurprisingly, happy workers tend to be those who are able to develop meaningful and lasting friendships with their colleagues. As a business, you can help facilitate the development of these relationships by organising social events on a regular basis. 

This could include a team day out or a trip to a local restaurant. If you would rather keep things on-site, you could set up a weekly tea break to get colleagues from across the business to mingle. The possibilities really are endless.

Allow employees to stretch their legs

Many employees have issues with sitting down at a desk all day. As well as being detrimental to health, it can impinge on a person's cognitive process and capacity for creativity. In this way, it is a good idea to let employees stretch their legs every so often. 
Alternatively, you could set up a lunchtime walking club to energise employees and get them away from their desks for an hour or so.

Introduce flexible working hours

Depending on the needs of your business, it could make sense to introduce a flexible working scheme. Flexitime is becoming increasingly popular amongst modern companies as it allows workers to lead fulfilling family lives and follow their passions that don't necessarily involve work. In fact, allowing your employees to set their own timetables could boost productivity and improve staff retention levels.

Introduce a personal development scheme

Employees like to know that they are constantly improving their skillset and that their employer cares about their personal development. Introducing a scheme that keeps track of employee progress and offers pathways for promotion and development is sure to boost feelings of wellbeing amongst staff members.