The importance of decluttering your workspace

The importance of decluttering your workspace

In today's hectic world it has never been more important to maintain a calm and tidy working environment. Decluttering your workspace can help give you a fresh perspective and boost productivity.

If you're struggling to find things you need or if you're running out of space on your desk, it will inevitably slow down your progress and leave you feeling overwhelmed and underproductive.

With a busy schedule, the clutter can just keep building up so often the best time to declutter is just before a holiday or before you start a new job or project. With the Christmas break not far away, why not take the opportunity to get organised in preparation for the new year? Follow these simple tips to get started.

Back to basics

One of the best ways to get rid of clutter is to remove everything from your desk and then only put back what you really need. Put away anything that lives elsewhere and bin the stuff you don't need. If there are any items you're not sure about, put them in a storage box out of the way.

Schedule time to tidy

If you have a busy schedule full of meetings and deadlines it is difficult to fit in lunch, never mind finding the time to clean your office. But by blocking out time in your diary, you are more likely to stick to it, even if it's just ten minutes at the end of the day or before you head off on holiday. Schedule a reminder in your calendar so you don't forget.

Use technology to your advantage

Do you really need to print paper copies of emails or cover your desk in sticky notes? Unless absolutely necessary, try not to print more than you need to. This will minimise clutter and is better for the environment too. Keep organised files on your computer and make use of reminders and to-do list apps on your phone or tablet instead.

Focus on your goals

Whether you are preparing for an interview or want to further your career, focusing on your goals will give you the motivation to declutter your workspace and keep it that way. Remember why you want to be more organised and productive and the benefits it will have for you.